When the love you dreamed of was so intense. What happens when that comes back to haunt you?

Wanted: Unconditional Love

This is what I want

I want him to love


Think of me 24/7, 365

I want to be his world

His universe

His galaxy

I want him to not sleep

Until he’s said goodnight

Until he kisses me

Until he hugs me

I want him to believe

I can be his everything

And no one

No, no one could ever replace me

Could ever attempt to do so

I want him to scream my name

Lose his breath at the sight of me

Lose his mind when I’m not around

Lose his heart when my love isn’t felt

I want him to be my children’s father

I want him to be my husband

My one and only

I want him to never second guess

On me

On us

I want love to rain so hard

We can’t see

And I want love to rain so hard

It floods our hearts

I want him to want me

So bad, so hard

He can’t live without me

He wonders why it’s taken so long

To find me

Most of all

I want to feel the same about him

So that our love is mutual

So intertwined

There is no end to find

Just love

Just us

Yes, that’s what I want


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