You Must Feel It Too

I crave you

This person I do not even know

This person who will still

Show me love like no other

And cause no pain like the others

I crave you

This being that fulfills my dreams

This being that makes me question

Why I ever waited on someone else

I crave you

Like the sun

Like the water

Like the air

All the things I need to live

I crave you

My equal

My love

My partner

You must feel it too

So, where are you?


Puzzled Pieces

To be honest,
You were never the one for me
I could tell by the way
You held my hand.
People try to force
Puzzle pieces together
Just because they look similar.
But we were not a match
We would never be able to
Complete the picture
Settling like that.


A Home Without You

You felt like home, broken and torn

And I thought if I were to love you

And you were to love me

Two hearts would mend

Two hearts would fill

Two hearts would find peace

And a new home we would build

Our new definition of home would

Outweigh the trauma we lived

But only one heart was ready

Ready to find the love to mend the pain

And one heart found out

How to find their own peace and

Define their own home

A home without you


If Trees Could Talk

It’s been a couple weeks. I honestly haven’t been motivated to write, even just posting old poems. I’ve acknowledged the emotions and setbacks and now I’m just hoping to pick back up where I started.

Going for walks really help me clear my head. Today I went to a local park nearby. It has some amazing trees there. With that brief walk I felt a little inspiration come back. With the nice weather, I think I’m going to start going to the park to write and see where it takes me.

Here’s a little new piece:

If Trees Could Talk

I can only imagine

The things trees have seen

The things they have heard

What they would say

From decades of growth

And everything in between

From perfect peace and seclusion

To chaos and delusion

Can you picture the trees who had to bear

Bodies in nooses?

Can you picture the trees who gave

Food for generations to come?

Can you picture the trees who saw wars?

Can you picture the trees who were cut

down for concrete roads and parking lots?

The trees that saw families through in

happy and sad times

The trees that saw countries divided

And people come together

The tree huggers

The tree loggers

The bare hands that planted them

The bare hands that cut them down

If trees could talk

We would learn so much

We would be more mindful to not take

Them for granted

We would thank them for still standing

We would thank them for the breath of

fresh air

We would thank them for their shelter

If trees could talk

We, humans

Would be better



When the love you dreamed of was so intense. What happens when that comes back to haunt you?

Wanted: Unconditional Love

This is what I want

I want him to love


Think of me 24/7, 365

I want to be his world

His universe

His galaxy

I want him to not sleep

Until he’s said goodnight

Until he kisses me

Until he hugs me

I want him to believe

I can be his everything

And no one

No, no one could ever replace me

Could ever attempt to do so

I want him to scream my name

Lose his breath at the sight of me

Lose his mind when I’m not around

Lose his heart when my love isn’t felt

I want him to be my children’s father

I want him to be my husband

My one and only

I want him to never second guess

On me

On us

I want love to rain so hard

We can’t see

And I want love to rain so hard

It floods our hearts

I want him to want me

So bad, so hard

He can’t live without me

He wonders why it’s taken so long

To find me

Most of all

I want to feel the same about him

So that our love is mutual

So intertwined

There is no end to find

Just love

Just us

Yes, that’s what I want


Don’t Tell Me

Don’t tell me those kisses

Are lies

Don’t tell me those touches

Are myths

Don’t tell me that love

Never lived here

Here in this space

Between you and I

And that now you

No longer hear my cry


No don’t tell me

Don’t tell me those eyes don’t reflect

Don’t tell me those hands don’t feel

Don’t tell me that your heart don’t beat

Here in this space

Between you and I

And that now you

No longer see my pain


No don’t tell me

Don’t tell me those lungs

Don’t grasp for air

Don’t tell me those veins

Don’t pump blood

Don’t tell me that feelings don’t exite

Here in this space

Between you and I

And that now you

No longer feel my love


No don’t tell me

Don’t tell me that all

I’ve ever done

Doesn’t matter

Don’t tell me that all

I’ve ever done

Was a waste

Don’t tell me that all

I’ve ever done

Was solely my fault


No love

Don’t tell me that all

The love we made

Was in simple vain

Because my love

You’ll give me the greatest pain

You’ll give me the greatest reason

To cause pain


No don’t tell me

This space

Between you and I

Was never meant to stay

No don’t tell me

All I was to you

Was an overnight overdue


To Build A Nest

Blue Jay and A Branch

I’m sitting here watching a

Blue Jay hunt for branches

In order to built their nest

He picks random branches

Hoping it can be what they need

Some don’t give in

While others gladly accept

Yet sometimes the Blue Jay

Just leaves the picked branch

Not using it for their nest

And I wonder why?

Why does it allow it to fall,

Yet doesn’t take it for their home?

I wonder why, if the branch

Is willing to go

Why does the Blue Jay

Leave it to be broken?

Why am I that Blue Jay?

And why are you that branch?

Why can’t I use you?

And why did you have to fall?

Is it because you’re not what I’m looking for?

And at the same time

I don’t know what it is

That I am looking for

So I should be happy with

What I have…and that’s you

I need you in my home

I need your strength and support

I need your care

So why am I that Blue Jay

And you are that branch?