I Am The One

I’ve spent too much time over the years

Trying to prove my worth

To men, to boys

Who claimed that I was The One

I am The One

The One constantly losing

Because these men, these boys

Don’t know how to love me

I am The One

The One constantly fighting myself

To prove I can wait

For them to come back

When they are ready

I am The One

The One constantly questioning my

definition of who I am

Because I’ve let them manipulate me

Into thinking I need them for validation

I am The One

The One constantly loving

And giving more of me than I will ever

receive of them

Because that’s what unconditional love is

But they love with conditions

Conditions I can no longer meet

I am The One

This is true

The One they will forever compare others to

I am The One

The One respecting myself and leaving




I just had a moment

The urge to scream to be free

The urge to be simply just me

How can I still feel trapped in a sea of blue

Looking simply for you?

I just had a moment

Fear caving in

What is the point of this life

If you can not shine

Without fear of losing self?

Like how many cracks need to fill your heart

Before you literally fall apart?

I just had a moment

Love is not here to save the day

No matter how hard you pray

You can not find it

While hiding it

The walls you built

Keep so much dark in

So much for opening your soul

You want to be saved

And have no where to go

Home is here

Within you

I just had a moment

Of wishing for the wrong things with the right one

And the right things with the wrong one

How ever do you think this creates fun?

I just had a moment

Of going back in time

To claim what’s mine

And fighting until the death

To save mine

I am all that is left


I just had a moment

What bliss it must be

Just to be free


Losing Love

Dear Love,

I’ve forgotten how easy it is to lose you

One day you are here

Creating wishes and dreams

Having me think

“Yes, you must be the one”

And you turn around and face me

Almost with tears in your eyes

Almost with a smirk on your lips

“I was not ready for you”

And there goes goodbye

Dear Love,

I’ve forgotten how easy it is to lose you

Thinking this must be a game

A game I really don’t like to play

Like how could you bring us together

Only to let everything get in the way?

How do people say words with emptiness

Behind them?

Dear Love,

I’ve forgotten how easy it is to lose you

I thought I was good enough

I thought I was ready for you

I thought my heart beat found you and

My mind only thought of you

I thought you were good enough

I thought you were ready for me

I thought your heart beat for me and your

Mind only had me on the brain

Dear Love,

I’ve forgotten how easy it is to lose you

What is this?

What is this?

What game are you trying to play?

If my soul does not feed you

Why ask to stay?

If my heart can not reach yours

Why ask to hold it?

If my love is not what you can handle

Why ask to be loved?

Dear Love,

Don’t tell me I’ve lost you…again.


I’ve Been Here Before

It’s not my fault

If you don’t see my worth

Finding little and every thing to

discourage you from the fall

I have seen this before

I have lived this before

I have tried this before

We don’t have to settle

We don’t have to find conclusions

To fit the story

If I told you my all

If I showed you my all

I should be enough

I am enough

I am beyond the limits you set

I am beyond the limits you fear

My love is not just for anyone, my dear

If I choose you

If I chose you

Just make it clear

I am the love you seek

And if you choose to pass me by

I may start to cry

But I know my worth

I have to remind myself each and every


Those lines whisper across my lips

Feeling like sunken ships

I am me

Never who someone wants me to be

But if you want to

I’ll take all of you

And I’ll be the best version of me

And I’ll catch you when you fall

These arms are waiting

Just don’t string me along


You Must Feel It Too

I crave you

This person I do not even know

This person who will still

Show me love like no other

And cause no pain like the others

I crave you

This being that fulfills my dreams

This being that makes me question

Why I ever waited on someone else

I crave you

Like the sun

Like the water

Like the air

All the things I need to live

I crave you

My equal

My love

My partner

You must feel it too

So, where are you?


Puzzled Pieces

To be honest,
You were never the one for me
I could tell by the way
You held my hand.
People try to force
Puzzle pieces together
Just because they look similar.
But we were not a match
We would never be able to
Complete the picture
Settling like that.


A Home Without You

You felt like home, broken and torn

And I thought if I were to love you

And you were to love me

Two hearts would mend

Two hearts would fill

Two hearts would find peace

And a new home we would build

Our new definition of home would

Outweigh the trauma we lived

But only one heart was ready

Ready to find the love to mend the pain

And one heart found out

How to find their own peace and

Define their own home

A home without you