Come, Dear Love

Come, Dear Love

We’ve waited long enough

Don’t our hearts deserve to know

What this love could do for us?

Come, Dear Love

I heard you speak your fears and worries

And I am afraid too

That one day, our Love

Will break in two

But don’t our hearts deserve

To know what this love could do for us?

Come, Dear Love

I know you see me here,

I know you think I am just

Another woman who will take your heart

And burn it like the others you feared

My only promise, is that I will try my best

To give us a chance

If only you return the same

Promise and Effort

Then this love has a chance

Come, Dear Love

Who else is there to give you such things?

The reason to never be out there alone again

We’ve waited long enough

These hearts deserve each other

Let’s give them what they want

And Love each other.



When the love you dreamed of was so intense. What happens when that comes back to haunt you?

Wanted: Unconditional Love

This is what I want

I want him to love


Think of me 24/7, 365

I want to be his world

His universe

His galaxy

I want him to not sleep

Until he’s said goodnight

Until he kisses me

Until he hugs me

I want him to believe

I can be his everything

And no one

No, no one could ever replace me

Could ever attempt to do so

I want him to scream my name

Lose his breath at the sight of me

Lose his mind when I’m not around

Lose his heart when my love isn’t felt

I want him to be my children’s father

I want him to be my husband

My one and only

I want him to never second guess

On me

On us

I want love to rain so hard

We can’t see

And I want love to rain so hard

It floods our hearts

I want him to want me

So bad, so hard

He can’t live without me

He wonders why it’s taken so long

To find me

Most of all

I want to feel the same about him

So that our love is mutual

So intertwined

There is no end to find

Just love

Just us

Yes, that’s what I want



I didn’t know I was waiting for you

Waiting for you to whisper words

So sweet in my ear

Waiting for you to hold my hand

And count the ways you missed me

I wasn’t expecting you

I wasn’t expecting this

I was on my way to better things

Better me

I didn’t know I was waiting for you

Waiting for you and your wishes

Waiting for you and your kisses

I didn’t need you in the time you

Were gone

I didn’t know that time

Would have you appear once more

I didnt know I was waiting for you

Waiting for you to walk in and out

And all over again

I didn’t know I was waiting

But the wait is over


Our Love Is Imagined

Settled Love

Truth is love can be real

And love can be imagined

Our love is imagined

Fairytale wannabe

Let go, come back

Always yours if you need it

Disturbed love

Manipulated love

Less desired in the long term love

You can dream all you want

But this isn’t the love

You want to wake up next to

And fall asleep with over and over

You will be complacent

You settled love

The reason you feared in the beginning


Trust your instinct

Love is not this way

Not real love

You would have no doubts

My love


Always The One…

You are The One

You know you are The One

The One to give too much

of yourself

to boys who pretend to be men

You are The One

You know you are The One

The One to love hard

every go round

only to be dropped

to the ground

no warning

no signs

no flashing lights

dark skies

but you are The One

The One they always come

back to

those boys couldn’t find you

in those girls

they couldn’t find you

while looking at glass windows

You are The One

You know you are The One

and while it pains you at times

it’s a lovely reminder

You are The One

to make boys melt

You are The One

to make men cry

You are The One

to ride off in the night

looking so right

right pass

those idiotic boys

those boys who claim to be men

You are The One

You know you are The One

The One

they will wish for until the end


Blue Rain and Midnight Skies

Storm coming, 2018

Blue Rain and Midnight Skies

Two things that make my soul cry

Two things that have me try

Try to live my life

the best way I can

Regardless of the “need” of a man

Blue rain and midnight skies

Two things that make my soul cry

Can’t seem to let everything go

Can’t seem to get into the flow

Spinning, spinning, spinning

this life, this life is getting dizzy

Blue rain and midnight skies

Two things that make my soul cry

My pride is going in and out

My love is something I have to figure out

My past is hurting my present

My heart is full of resentment

Blue rain and midnight skies

Two things that make my soul cry

Two things that have me try

Try to simply live out my life


Redirection to Healing

Young Lindsey was a “wise, old soul”

Things she spoke of, still surprise me

Things I thought I just felt

She already had the words

She already experienced

And it reminds me that life is still a constant circle

A circle I thought I broke

A circle I thought I could mend

But there are those feelings again

You can’t heal

You can’t blame them

You saw the signs, clear as day

Thought the preview was going to be different than the show

Return to your self

You can heal

Start from ground zero

and build yourself so high

Forgive yourself for the repeated mistakes

Thank yourself for lessons learned

Believe that you can trust in love again

See your own signs and redirect yourself

until you are on the right path

Remember what Young Lindsey said

She’s right there, she never left you


To Forgive All, To Regret Nothing…A Heart’s Desire.

“There is no remedy for love but to love more.”

Henry David Thoreau

Heart Wants Love

I’ve continued to ask this question,

“What do I want?”

It seems like such a broad question

with so many answers,

But I feel conflicted with them all

and I try to go with my heart.

My heart’s content means so much to me,

As it’s what keeps me alive,

beating in and out.

And so I ask my heart,

“Dear heart of mine,

What do you want?”

And my heart answers,

“To be completely healed from all previous pains,

To be loved like nothing else,

To be happy with the smallest, simplest

things in the world,

To have a man look at me with so much passion

it makes me skip a beat and sing,

To love hard and slow, great loves should

not be rushed,

To love with all of me

and hold full confidence in self,

To be content even if

it’s just I beating,

To forgive all, to regret nothing,

To live and breathe each day,

To have strength and wisdom

beyond my many years,

To love, to love, to love…”

And my heart continues to sing

Though it still feels pain,

Though it still chases a love so far away,

Though it’s strength seems to be dwindling,

So many wants in this world,

And my little heart of mine

just wants what it truly needs,

And therefore,

My lovely heart will continue to fight,

to fight in what it believes in and what it wants…

Mind, body, soul…my heart loves.


Home Is Where The Heart Is

As I was doing my Daily Calm (on Calm App) meditation this morning, they of course focused on Love. But today was a reminder about self-love. No matter what your relationship status is, self-love is still the greatest love of all.

This reminded me that as many times as I have written love poems, a good amount of them are actually love poems to myself. So today, I chose one to share.

Happy Valentine’s Day to each and every one of your hearts. I hope you find your way back home…

Welcome Home

Wandered too far down a path

less traveled

Wandered to the depths to find love

That was all that mattered

Wandered to roundabouts

and cul-de-sacs

Circling round and round

Thinking you’d get somewhere

Where love was found

Wandered past highways

and broken fences

Through tall grasses and

thorned bushes

Wandered past security alarms

and biting dogs

All to find a love now stuck in bogs

Wandered to ships by the shore

Looking for a love to sail you away

But all you found

Was love destined to drown

Two hearts tied to one another

One thinking the anchor saved them

The other thinking the anchor sank them

Wandered past deserted homes

and run down cars

All whom belonged to the

love you seek

Wandered to the forest

Looking high in the trees

Feeling fresh kisses in the breeze

Wandered past red flowers

and beautiful words

You wandered back to the familiar path

From curiosity to destruction

To hope and despair

To love and hatred

You wandered to hell and back

You found your way home

You found love was there the whole time

You wandered back to your own heart

My dear,

Welcome Home. [1.13.2018]

My Only Agenda ♡

My Agenda

I’m after one thing

Your heart

I’m not one for money and cars

All the materialistic things

In this life

I’m in it for you

Your dreams

Your goals

Your pride

Your strength

Your fears

Your tears

Your smiles

Your everything

Your mental, physical, emotional

This is my agenda

To win your heart

To make love

To have love

To be in love

Not one for flings

Because I’m tired of wasting energy

On the non-lasting

I want the truth

I want the real

I want the life

And I want it with you

This is my agenda

You don’t have to worry

About wandering eyes

And a deceptive heart

Because if you want it

I’ll give it all to you

I’ll be all for you

This is my agenda

I just want your heart

-Lindsey K Payne [12.12.2009]