Letters to Myself

So I mentioned previously in my post from December, Love Me, that I was writing love letters to myself. This has truly been an amazing exercise- scratch that- habit, that I have created for myself. Finding love within yourself seems to be the hardest thing we can do and it’s absolutely ridiculous. How do we have such an outrageous amount of hate or disdain towards ourselves? From nitpicking our choices of what we wear, who we chose to love, what career we have, “how could I be so stupid?”moments, and so many things. We have not been taught to love yourselves enough. Self-love or self-care should not be a “trend” but a requirement of life. Grown adults learning to let go of the “fantasy love” and learning to gain love of self. This should be the norm.

I decided to share my love letter from tonight. Do yourself a favor…write to yourself. You will appreciate it, especially on those hard days. 🙂

Dear Lindsey,

Thank you for being you. Thank you always being willing to give your space healing. Thank you for trusting in yourself and providing yourself love through and through.

I am amazed at the woman you are becoming day by day. I admire you to the fullest. You are the dream I didn’t know I needed. I promise you, I will continue to do what I can, each and every day, for you.

You will prosper in peace, love and respect. You will bring the world so much love and joy. You will change the world by the presence you provide around them.

You are the version of love you have been waiting for.

I love you with all my heart. I breathe in your soul. I bask in your light.

Love Always,


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