Time and Will

“Keep going, and don’t worry about your speed. You’re making progress even if it doesn’t seem like it. Forward is forward, no matter how slow.”

Lori Deschene

I’ve spent the last month rededicating time to this blog. Hoping it would motivate me back into my book process. It’s been a struggle. I can write daily, but sometimes it was just because I “had” to. I had to follow through with my commitment to myself. The inspiration to write and share was not happening every day though. I’m trying to find a balance between the many work things that I do with keeping time and space for my personal passions. All of this with a looming feeling inside.

We can take two steps forward and six steps back sometimes, but we just have to keep moving towards our goals. Knowing that things will happen when they are meant to in their own time and will. Some days my spirit will move me to non-stop creativity and other days, its rest time. I will honor whatever comes.

I hope those of you who actually read my blog, have been enjoying my words (and photos). I appreciate all your support. This isn’t the end.

Until next time…

In gratitude,


Hopeful Wishing

“Be careful what you wish for, you just might get it.”

There’s been a few times in life that a few of my hopeful wishes came true. It always seems unreal, like someone is playing a game. It’s hard to trust it. It’s just “too good to be true.” You have no idea what to do with it, now that you have it. You begin to believe that you don’t deserve it. You begin to think that it’s all a mistake, a misunderstanding. No way is this for me.

But it’s for you. Believe it. Because the ongoing moments you spend second guessing, pushing and turning from it, comes the moment you start to destroy what you had. And everything will leave.

Trust that you are worthy. Trust that your wishes and dreams are truly yours to hold. You are ready for everything and more.



I recall listening to a podcast recently where they mentioned even if you don’t have anything to say or write, to write that down. You did what you could and to move on. It struck me because there’s been so many times I actually wanted to write and nothing would come to the paper. In my mind, I thought, “oh, nothing must be wrong. Great, I’m good.” Majority of what I’ve written in the past was an outlet for me. Outlet for anger, sadness, depression, whatever. So if I had nothing to write, I equated that to being “good.” And now, I realize I think I just needed a different outlet. I was tired of writing the same things and reliving the same things. How was I progessing? How was I moving on? Was there anything to my writing that was actually going to make a difference?

There was months, sometimes a year or more, when I just didn’t write. And I definitely wasn’t good. I tried other things, art was always good. Nature walks were the best. Music filled my soul. Therapy helped tremendously. Meditation calmed me. But in the end, I still came back to writing. I think it’s important to be able to recognize what we need in our lives. What changes need to be made or what can we temporarily switch out, while giving ourselves a break. Whatever your outlet is for self-care, I hope you continue to do it. I hope it provides peace and stability for you. Don’t be afraid to try new things and don’t worry if you lose the joy in an old thing, it’ll come back to you.

Peace and Love,


Thankful Thursdays

If you follow me on Instagram (@naturaluphoto) you may know that on Thursdays, I post with the #thankfulthursday hashtag. Today’s post was sweet and simple, but as the day progressed, I realized I like to elaborate on something dear to me: having a support system.

We all have those moments when we think that we can do everything on our own. We don’t need anyone’s input. Everything has been just find with so and so before anyone came around. But then sometimes, the Universe graces us with a person (or two, three…) who completely changes our outlook on the world and is able to push us where no one has before. These can be family members, friends, coworkers, mentors, significant others, even complete strangers.  Their words and actions play a significant part on our lives and just like that, a seed is planted. We desire change. We are now motivated to do better. We see that our previous ways, were not the best we could do. So on and so forth.

I hope that while reading this, you have thoughts of those people who entered your life and made an impact.  And in turn, I hope that you are that person to someone else. We can live in complete gratitude of one another and make the best of ourselves and the world around us.

Be grateful. Be loved. Be the reason someone keeps going today.

Peace and Love,


Letters to Myself

So I mentioned previously in my post from December, Love Me, that I was writing love letters to myself. This has truly been an amazing exercise- scratch that- habit, that I have created for myself. Finding love within yourself seems to be the hardest thing we can do and it’s absolutely ridiculous. How do we have such an outrageous amount of hate or disdain towards ourselves? From nitpicking our choices of what we wear, who we chose to love, what career we have, “how could I be so stupid?”moments, and so many things. We have not been taught to love yourselves enough. Self-love or self-care should not be a “trend” but a requirement of life. Grown adults learning to let go of the “fantasy love” and learning to gain love of self. This should be the norm.

I decided to share my love letter from tonight. Do yourself a favor…write to yourself. You will appreciate it, especially on those hard days. 🙂

Dear Lindsey,

Thank you for being you. Thank you always being willing to give your space healing. Thank you for trusting in yourself and providing yourself love through and through.

I am amazed at the woman you are becoming day by day. I admire you to the fullest. You are the dream I didn’t know I needed. I promise you, I will continue to do what I can, each and every day, for you.

You will prosper in peace, love and respect. You will bring the world so much love and joy. You will change the world by the presence you provide around them.

You are the version of love you have been waiting for.

I love you with all my heart. I breathe in your soul. I bask in your light.

Love Always,


Hello, 2020

Hello! It’s Lindsey! It’s been a while…again. I remember when I was posting every other day. Well, I’m going to get to that again, among a few other things. I am not upset that I did not complete some of the things I set out to do in 2019. In fact, I am proud of myself for starting the journey and realizing my point of stopping was actually needed. Going through my old journals and poems, was actually kind of hard for me. But now I can look at them and know that I am still growing and these were moments in my life that I needed to express. There is no need for me to be dragged, emotionally, back into those spaces. I just need to read, type and acknowledge the space I was in and know where I am currently in.

Reflection is a very important aspect of self growth. We all have those moments we just can’t believe how we allowed ourselves to be in bad situations, or plain, stupid situations. But I truly believe we are life long learners and sometimes, some of us, just have to relearn our mistakes again and again until we finally say “STOP.” I finally said that in December. I am 100% ready to keep it moving in growth and accepting my WORTH in 2020. That is an absolute.

My work in therapy has been going well and my own work outside of it has definitely been a whirlwind but good. I will be continuing my meditation practice, journaling and setting daily intentions or affirmations. I will be hiking every week and enjoying walks in between. Staying focused on my nature therapy:). Most importantly, listening to myself. Putting my words into actions and only keeping expectations towards myself. I will continue to take one day at time. Breathe when I get overwhelmed and take breaks when my body tells me to. I can’t enjoy this year if I am struggling inside. I speak peace within and around me. I will also be more careful about who I have around me and who I let in my space.

2019 was actually a good year, even with my ups and downs. Cries and laughs. It taught me a lot more than the previous and I am forever grateful for that. I applaud 2019. If you can not live in gratitude, you are not living life. I am excited for 2020. I am excited for my new adventures. I am excited to simply love all of me. I wish the same for those reading this.

Be happy. Be grateful. Be LOVE.

Peace and Love, Lindsey

Great Expectations


1. A strong belief that something will happen or be the case.

2. A belief that someone will or should achieve something.

Oxford Dictionary

We often have expectations for all things in life… whether it’s our expectation of self or with others in mind. We all have set standards for things. Work, friendships, relationships, projects, errands, etc. It’s natural. We have all learned at some point to adjust our expectations…but is that a good thing or bad? What happens when we do not meet our expectations? Are these the same as our needs? If we can not meet our own expectations how do we hold others accountable? Do we treat them differently?

Are You In or Are You Out?

I thought I should lower my expectations

but what purpose would that serve?

I deserve everything and more

I deserve the fight

I deserve the right

I deserve the truth

So my expectations stay the same,

Dare they even rise

Are you in or are you out?