My Only Agenda ♡

My Agenda

I’m after one thing

Your heart

I’m not one for money and cars

All the materialistic things

In this life

I’m in it for you

Your dreams

Your goals

Your pride

Your strength

Your fears

Your tears

Your smiles

Your everything

Your mental, physical, emotional

This is my agenda

To win your heart

To make love

To have love

To be in love

Not one for flings

Because I’m tired of wasting energy

On the non-lasting

I want the truth

I want the real

I want the life

And I want it with you

This is my agenda

You don’t have to worry

About wandering eyes

And a deceptive heart

Because if you want it

I’ll give it all to you

I’ll be all for you

This is my agenda

I just want your heart

-Lindsey K Payne [12.12.2009]

When All That’s Left Is A Smile

“It’s not enough to cry at times. Some times the pain is just too deep.”

Lindsey K Payne

Today I’m am reading through my poetry journals (I have nine by the way). Trying to figure out which pieces to use for my books. I have a few different ideas for my books. I have thought about different themed books or to do them chronologically. I know I won’t publish all of my poems. Not that I don’t like them all, just want the best ones for the world to see.

For those who have published poems before, what helped you decide on your content? Did you start off small or go all out for your first book?

Off to put some ideas together. I will leave you with a oldie…

And Death Becomes Her

And death becomes her

When all that’s left is a smile

Because it doesn’t matter

What happened or will happen

Death will always follow

And time will soon cease

But happiness still comes

From a place near her heart

That’s what keeps her smiling and laughing

Regardless if what death holds


Be it God’s or unknown,

Heaven is on the horizon

For a dream untold and that’s when

Death becomes her

When smiles are all tears

Happiness is all fears

And now there’s no reason to be, but she

And she will conquer and seek all dreams seen

All dreams heard

Even when death becomes her…me

Ready for the next level

“Every next level of your life will demand a different version of you”


Blogging is a brand new thing for me, but I am ready to put things into action. Welcome to NaturaLu Creations. What started as an idea a few years back, I finally took the dive to fuse my photography with my poetry in January 2018. After a year on Instagram (and Facebook), I’m ready for the step, the next level. My intention this year: Publish. My mind wasn’t right in 2018 to complete this, so here we are in 2019. Ready, willing and able to take my goals into my full control.

My intention with this blog is to showcase my poetry as well as photography. Highlights with my progress to publish and receive feedback from people who are out there in the world. This is also to hold myself accountable. Anyone who is out there and has self-published, or on this journey themselves, I hope to connect with you as well. Thank you!

Here we go!

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Lindsey 🙂