Fly Away

My spirit needs to fly

I feel it caving in

It’s getting harder to breathe

It’s getting harder to see

Some days I just need to be free

Walk away from everything

This emptiness is hard to fill

But each day I pour in love

Each day I tell the truth

Each day I provide space

Each day I make a way

To break away the pain

To break away the doubt

To break away the insecure ways

of my heart

One day, I will be free to fly


Love Me

I love too quickly. I love with expectations. I love with caution.

I haven’t been writing on here, but I have been writing. Every day in fact. A few months ago, I decided to take a journey on truly devoting time to myself. Redefining my self- love. It hasn’t been an easy journey. I have had days of being withdrawn. Days, weeks of struggling to get out of bed. Trying to fit into a love a don’t deserve. Forgiving people who I love. Forgiving people I don’t love. Forgiving people who I wish I never needed to forgive. Forgiving myself for choices and mistakes I have made. Forgiving myself for not putting myself first. Forgiving people who do not know what they do, but I understand the love I give, gives hope.

The love I give.

I live and breathe love. I can not be with out it. I have gained and lost love, but it is always present. In all the heartache I have experienced, I still believe in love. I believe love is where you seek it. I believe love is where you give it. I give love. No matter who denies it, no matter who releases it, no matter who fails to see it, no matter who dares to disrespect it. I give love.

Love is the only thing I know how to do.

I’m just relearning how to give it to myself. The one who deserves it the most. The one who knows how to reciprocate it in the way I need it. I love me. Get ready for the next journey.