NaturaLu Excursions: Hiking Highlights from 2020

Happy Sunday! Texas got a surprise today with snow! Unfortunately, I didn’t go on a hike today. Listening to the rain and sleet outside made me reminisce about all the sunny days out in 2020. Below are all the parks I completed during the year. All my favorites are the ones with **. Check out my video highlights from them all.

Friedrich Wilderness Park**

Crownridge Canyon Natural Area

Eisenhower Park

Mother Neff State Park

Government Canyon State Park

Comanche Lookout

Hill Country State Natural Area

Guadalupe River State Park**

Lockhart State Park

Choke Canyon State Park

Lost Maples Natural State Park**

McKinney Falls State Park**

Palmetto State Park

Enchanted Rock State Natural Area**

Goliad State Park

Old Tunnel State Park

Garner State Park**

South Llano River State Park

Dinosaur Valley State Park**

Cedar Hill State Park

Ray Roberts Lake State Park

Valero Trailhead

Purgatory Creek Trailhead

Pedernales Falls State Park**

Brazos Bend State Park**

Hikes for 2021

For 2021, I plan to try new State Parks and add a few National Parks as well. I will be heading out to Big Bend State Park later this month. The major hiking goal I have is to climb Guadalupe Peak at Guadalupe Mountains National Park. The goal is to climb the 8,750ft peak in September. After that, Carlsbad Cavern National Park!

Lots of research of parks and gear ahead! This is going to be a great year!

Until next week,


Ex Lovers

To all my Ex Lovers,

I still love you

But I’m glad I chose myself

I got lost in your ways

Trying to hold on to you,

I was letting go of myself

I love you, yes

But keep your distance

I was not able to love us equally

And I can not give you what you want

I am focusing on me,


Again, because each time one of you come

I fall again with no one to pick me up

Again, because each time I see your face

I recall the pain of losing myself

Drowning in your so called “love”

I am not trying again

Though, if you made me change my mind

I’d pray this would be the last time

The last time, I give any more of my heart to you

Hoping you would have learned how to hold me gently

Hoping you would have learned how to love me as I once loved you

Hoping you would have learned how to see what effort brings

I still love you,

Because I don’t take those words lightly

And you are still in my heart

The pieces I’m still trying to heal

The pieces I’m still trying to love so hard

It erases the pain for eternity

Dear Ex Lovers,

Do you still wish things were different?

Do you still wish you saw me during the times you tried to make me different?

Do you still wish that you told me earlier of the feelings you were hiding from me?

I still love you,

I’ll always love the hearts I tried to mend

Trying to show you, you were worthy of real love

While you stomped on my heart

Trying to show you, I was everything you needed

While I neglected my own heart

I was a fool for you

I was intently hanging on to every word, every syllable

He said it, he will do it

He said it, he meant it

He said it, he will show me

He said it, he meant no harm

I was a fool to think my love would have changed you

Or maybe it did,

But you waited until it was gone

To see it

I still love you, yes

I still think you deserve the best, yes

I still wish for your happiness, yes

I’ve just learned, in all the hard ways

I love too much

I wish the love I gave you,

I gave myself

So now, it’s my turn

So now, I deserve

So now, I wish

So now, I give

All my love to me,

The one love my Ex Lovers didn’t know how to keep


Great Expectations


1. A strong belief that something will happen or be the case.

2. A belief that someone will or should achieve something.

Oxford Dictionary

We often have expectations for all things in life… whether it’s our expectation of self or with others in mind. We all have set standards for things. Work, friendships, relationships, projects, errands, etc. It’s natural. We have all learned at some point to adjust our expectations…but is that a good thing or bad? What happens when we do not meet our expectations? Are these the same as our needs? If we can not meet our own expectations how do we hold others accountable? Do we treat them differently?

Are You In or Are You Out?

I thought I should lower my expectations

but what purpose would that serve?

I deserve everything and more

I deserve the fight

I deserve the right

I deserve the truth

So my expectations stay the same,

Dare they even rise

Are you in or are you out?