Content With Life

I’m content with life

Not happy

Not sad

Simply in the middle

As I continue to grow

Many people may not understand

How it is that I’m able to stand

And simply put, I’m content

I stand, yet I could still break

If given that opportunity

But most importantly

Even if I fall

I have the strength to get up

And continue to stand

I’m content with my life

Not happy

Not sad

Because things in my life

Still bring me down

But my determination

Is what keeps my two feet on the ground

My pride is what keeps me from

Buckling down

I’m content

Missing love

Longing love

Missing companionship

Longing companionship

But I’m content

Because those will

Come when most needed

And when I’m most prepared

Until then

I’m content

I will continue to be content

Because that’s what keeps me alive

That’s what keeps me joyful

That’s what keeps me sane

Being content

Without lover’s lane


Sweet Honey for Her Taste

One of my old favorites…


I’ve been waiting for those whispers

To carry sweet words into my soul

Sing loud to my heart

And never letting go

Sweet story of a little girl

Dreaming way beyond the horizon

Searching and searching

Not for extraordinary

But for plain ordinary

Simplicities are the sweet honey

For her taste

Complexities are just filled with bitterness

The bitterness she does not desire

So why does she continue on her search?

Looking for the king who

Stole her heart

Stole her soul

Stole her mind

Stole her body

Continuing across the valley

She searches

Quietly listening to the wind’s words

Hoping she’s going into the right direction

Have to be in the right direction…


Web of Lies

You tried to trap me under your web of lies,
Not knowing I’d turn everything
You spun into a beautiful escape,
You tried your best to keep me
Under your spell,
Never understanding I knew your
ways of manipulation,
I am not the one you thought you could play,
I am not the one who you claimed to love,
I am the one who got away,
I am the one who took your web of lies,
And brought them to the light
To show everyone your true colors,
You thought I was an easy catch,
I just turned into your worse nightmare.
Come on and light the flame,
I’ll be ready to wash you out.


Line Up

If I could line you all up

One by one

Point out each of you who

Stole my heart

Point out each of you who

Wasted my time

Point out each of you who

Told me lies

The truths would unfold

And you’d all be given


Time for the all the times

You thought it was okay

To leave me stranded

To leave me unknowing

To leave me unloved

To leave me waiting


Time for all the times

You claimed you wanted more

Only to follow in the footsteps

Towards the door

If I could line you all up

I would make sure you knew

All the shit you pulled

You didn’t get away with it

Time is now your best friend

Time is all you have left

Time is what I’m taking back

You thought this was just a game

Until your Time ran out


All the Things

I am all the things

You think I am

Because your mind won’t

Allow you to see clearly

I am all the things

You think I am

Because your heart has

Grown cold

I am all the things

You think I am

Because you refuse to love

Me entirely

I am all the things

You think  I am

Because you don’t know me

I am all the things

You think I am

Because I simply refuse

To correct you

I am all the things

You think I am

And I am all the things

You’ll never have


Be Sure

To those looking for love

Be sure you are ready for love

Be sure you have done some work on self

Be sure you don’t take your insecurities out on others

Be sure you are ready for everything that comes with knowing someone new

Be sure you are enough for you

Be sure you are ready to be a supporter of your love

Be sure you are ready fight for love

Be sure you are constantly working on bettering yourself

Be sure you love whole heartly

Be sure you communicate effectively

Be sure you play no games

Be sure you are ready for all the good and bad

And more importantly, be ready to look in the mirror and love yourself.


Something New

You keep surprising me

Didn’t think I’d like this

But here I am

Thinking about you

Thinking about the what ifs

And what am I waiting for?

Go ahead

Try something new

Create something new

Do something new

My old ways never got me far

What would be the worse to happen?

Love and Leave?

Love and Stay?

Keep the flow going

Whatever it is

I’m open

To something new