Highs and Lows

It’s amazing how easily we can go

From high to low,

That the heart can go from

Emptiness to overflow,

From heartbreak to “I’ve never felt this before”

We try so hard to stay connected

We often fail to see the missing link

We try so hard to overlook the flaws

We often forget to see ourselves

In one second, everything can be fine

In one second, lives can be destroyed

In one second, love can be found

In one second, love can drown

This life is filled with highs and lows

Balance they call it

To have the good, you must have the bad

To know your strength, you must fall down

Get up

Get up

Get up

This is nothing to keep you down

Today is a low

Tomorrow is a high


Something New

You keep surprising me

Didn’t think I’d like this

But here I am

Thinking about you

Thinking about the what ifs

And what am I waiting for?

Go ahead

Try something new

Create something new

Do something new

My old ways never got me far

What would be the worse to happen?

Love and Leave?

Love and Stay?

Keep the flow going

Whatever it is

I’m open

To something new