We Could Have Been

We could have been in love by now,

But egos and differences got in the way.

We could have planned

Our future by now,

But fear and doubts got in the way.

We could have everything by now,

But we are too stubborn,

We are too much for each other.

Love couldn’t step in, let alone stay.

Trust walked out months ago.

Respect talked itself dead.

We could have been a lot of things,

But it just wasn’t our thing.


Live Your Life

Too busy out living life yesterday, didn’t make a post. And while, I have been making February a “post a day,” I’m not disappointed for missing yesterday. The thing about life is, you truly have to live it. And live it in more than just words daily. But to be in the moment. Cherish the moments. Cherish the people you are with and cherish the time you give yourself. I was busy yesterday! Amazing hiking adventure with one of my besties. Spent time with my mentee. Dinner and relaxing with new and old friends. I have nothing to complain about in that day.

So I’m just keeping it simple and sweet. Continue to be present in every day, with every person you are around. You never get the same memories again. You never know what time you have, so spend it carefully.

Until the next post…Peace and Love to you all.


Hiking Adventure 2.22.2020