Rebirth Self-Love

I gave my heart another chance
Took her by surprise
Gave her all I ever had to give
Took back all the lies
Took back all the shame
Took back all the doubts
Begged for forgiveness
And showed up not only with words
But with my actions
I promised to listen within
I promised to hold on
I promised our breaks would mend
I gave my heart another chance
She loved me every step of the way
She loved me for all that I was
She loved me for all I was never meant to be
I gave my heart another chance
She held me and said don’t worry
She told me I will wipe your tears
She told me she forgave me
I am back home where I belong
I am home where my heart is
I am home with me
She’s the best love I could have ever asked for
She’s me


Are you ready to love yourself?

Signs of love at the river.

Sweet Dreams

I close my eyes

Wishing for change

For when they reopen

That the memory within me

Comes back to reality

I am here

You are here

Nothing in between to keep us apart

When I open my eyes

The memory of you still exists

And I think back to those times

We had

And I think back to those

Tears shed

I wasn’t supposed to lose you

I wasn’t supposed to say goodbye

I wasn’t supposed to grieve you

I close my eyes once more

Thinking if I just try harder

You will appear

That you will hear me

That you will see me

That you will feel me

But when I open my eyes

You still are not there

I wish you were here

I wish you were here

I guess I’ll go back to dreaming

For there, you visit

For there, you speak

For there, you are

And I see you never left

I just have to find you differently

When I close my eyes

To sweet dreams


In memory, JP ❤

Sweet Honey for Her Taste

One of my old favorites…


I’ve been waiting for those whispers

To carry sweet words into my soul

Sing loud to my heart

And never letting go

Sweet story of a little girl

Dreaming way beyond the horizon

Searching and searching

Not for extraordinary

But for plain ordinary

Simplicities are the sweet honey

For her taste

Complexities are just filled with bitterness

The bitterness she does not desire

So why does she continue on her search?

Looking for the king who

Stole her heart

Stole her soul

Stole her mind

Stole her body

Continuing across the valley

She searches

Quietly listening to the wind’s words

Hoping she’s going into the right direction

Have to be in the right direction…