Where I Belong

I found my freedom in the rays of the sun

I felt the warmth of love shining down

Inhaling pristine air full of change

I cried to the heavens

This is my home

I found my freedom in the rays of the sun

I felt my spirit rise up with the stars

This is where my peace lies

There is no point to turn back to the life of undeserving

I found my freedom in the rays of the sun

That is where I belong


Fly Away

My spirit needs to fly

I feel it caving in

It’s getting harder to breathe

It’s getting harder to see

Some days I just need to be free

Walk away from everything

This emptiness is hard to fill

But each day I pour in love

Each day I tell the truth

Each day I provide space

Each day I make a way

To break away the pain

To break away the doubt

To break away the insecure ways

of my heart

One day, I will be free to fly


Web of Lies

You tried to trap me under your web of lies,
Not knowing I’d turn everything
You spun into a beautiful escape,
You tried your best to keep me
Under your spell,
Never understanding I knew your
ways of manipulation,
I am not the one you thought you could play,
I am not the one who you claimed to love,
I am the one who got away,
I am the one who took your web of lies,
And brought them to the light
To show everyone your true colors,
You thought I was an easy catch,
I just turned into your worse nightmare.
Come on and light the flame,
I’ll be ready to wash you out.



I just had a moment

The urge to scream to be free

The urge to be simply just me

How can I still feel trapped in a sea of blue

Looking simply for you?

I just had a moment

Fear caving in

What is the point of this life

If you can not shine

Without fear of losing self?

Like how many cracks need to fill your heart

Before you literally fall apart?

I just had a moment

Love is not here to save the day

No matter how hard you pray

You can not find it

While hiding it

The walls you built

Keep so much dark in

So much for opening your soul

You want to be saved

And have no where to go

Home is here

Within you

I just had a moment

Of wishing for the wrong things with the right one

And the right things with the wrong one

How ever do you think this creates fun?

I just had a moment

Of going back in time

To claim what’s mine

And fighting until the death

To save mine

I am all that is left


I just had a moment

What bliss it must be

Just to be free