Our Love Is Imagined

Settled Love

Truth is love can be real

And love can be imagined

Our love is imagined

Fairytale wannabe

Let go, come back

Always yours if you need it

Disturbed love

Manipulated love

Less desired in the long term love

You can dream all you want

But this isn’t the love

You want to wake up next to

And fall asleep with over and over

You will be complacent

You settled love

The reason you feared in the beginning


Trust your instinct

Love is not this way

Not real love

You would have no doubts

My love


Change Your Mind

“If you view the world through the same pattern for too long, your brain keeps it even if it’s not working for you.”

Shawn Achor, Calm Masterclass: Discovering Happiness

This journey to change my mindset has been a long one. In recent years, it has become better. There are still days of negativity and anxious thoughts, but day by day, I am learning to control those thoughts. Learning to clear my mind of that negativity and to move forward with focus and determination. To accept what is real versus what I have created in my mind. REALITY versus FANTASY. Anxious thoughts are just visions we create away from the truth. Why our brains do this, why we allow ourselves to do this, I don’t know. And everyone is different. We just have to continue to work hard on changing our stories about ourselves and what we view in our heads. Take your time and keep moving forward.

Clear Mind

Regardless of what you are feeling

you must have a clear mind

A clear mind

allows for new beginnings

A clear mind

allows for more positivity

A clear mind

allows for a refreshed soul

allows for a free heart

allows for no pain

A clear mind

Think only for a clear mind

for a clean side

Refresh everything

and things will be so fine

So good

So happy

Set a clear mind

Regardless of what you are feeling