Come, Dear Love

Come, Dear Love

We’ve waited long enough

Don’t our hearts deserve to know

What this love could do for us?

Come, Dear Love

I heard you speak your fears and worries

And I am afraid too

That one day, our Love

Will break in two

But don’t our hearts deserve

To know what this love could do for us?

Come, Dear Love

I know you see me here,

I know you think I am just

Another woman who will take your heart

And burn it like the others you feared

My only promise, is that I will try my best

To give us a chance

If only you return the same

Promise and Effort

Then this love has a chance

Come, Dear Love

Who else is there to give you such things?

The reason to never be out there alone again

We’ve waited long enough

These hearts deserve each other

Let’s give them what they want

And Love each other.


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