Hello, 2020

Hello! It’s Lindsey! It’s been a while…again. I remember when I was posting every other day. Well, I’m going to get to that again, among a few other things. I am not upset that I did not complete some of the things I set out to do in 2019. In fact, I am proud of myself for starting the journey and realizing my point of stopping was actually needed. Going through my old journals and poems, was actually kind of hard for me. But now I can look at them and know that I am still growing and these were moments in my life that I needed to express. There is no need for me to be dragged, emotionally, back into those spaces. I just need to read, type and acknowledge the space I was in and know where I am currently in.

Reflection is a very important aspect of self growth. We all have those moments we just can’t believe how we allowed ourselves to be in bad situations, or plain, stupid situations. But I truly believe we are life long learners and sometimes, some of us, just have to relearn our mistakes again and again until we finally say “STOP.” I finally said that in December. I am 100% ready to keep it moving in growth and accepting my WORTH in 2020. That is an absolute.

My work in therapy has been going well and my own work outside of it has definitely been a whirlwind but good. I will be continuing my meditation practice, journaling and setting daily intentions or affirmations. I will be hiking every week and enjoying walks in between. Staying focused on my nature therapy:). Most importantly, listening to myself. Putting my words into actions and only keeping expectations towards myself. I will continue to take one day at time. Breathe when I get overwhelmed and take breaks when my body tells me to. I can’t enjoy this year if I am struggling inside. I speak peace within and around me. I will also be more careful about who I have around me and who I let in my space.

2019 was actually a good year, even with my ups and downs. Cries and laughs. It taught me a lot more than the previous and I am forever grateful for that. I applaud 2019. If you can not live in gratitude, you are not living life. I am excited for 2020. I am excited for my new adventures. I am excited to simply love all of me. I wish the same for those reading this.

Be happy. Be grateful. Be LOVE.

Peace and Love, Lindsey

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