I’ve Been Here Before

It’s not my fault

If you don’t see my worth

Finding little and every thing to

discourage you from the fall

I have seen this before

I have lived this before

I have tried this before

We don’t have to settle

We don’t have to find conclusions

To fit the story

If I told you my all

If I showed you my all

I should be enough

I am enough

I am beyond the limits you set

I am beyond the limits you fear

My love is not just for anyone, my dear

If I choose you

If I chose you

Just make it clear

I am the love you seek

And if you choose to pass me by

I may start to cry

But I know my worth

I have to remind myself each and every


Those lines whisper across my lips

Feeling like sunken ships

I am me

Never who someone wants me to be

But if you want to

I’ll take all of you

And I’ll be the best version of me

And I’ll catch you when you fall

These arms are waiting

Just don’t string me along


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