I Want To Be Free…

Like Water

Trying to find the right direction

Something that makes me

feel good

No longer satisfied with

being content

My heart wants to soar

My mind wants to flow

This world just isn’t enough anymore

I want to feel free

Like flowing water

Makes me wonder

How does it know

which way to go?

Which bend to make?

Which path to take?

It has its rough spots, calm areas

It’s slow and fast times

And no matter what

It just goes

Goes on like nothing ever tried to stop it

I want to be like the water

So peaceful and serene

Yet letting everyone know its voice

I want to be like the water

To keep going and going and going

Letting nature take it’s course

It does not wait

It’ll be around

Whenever those are waiting to be found

I love the water

I love everything about it

It’s time to just keep going

If I’m on the right path

I’ll know one day

and if not

There’s no trouble switching directions

Nothing can stop me

I’m like the water.


Canyon Lake, Texas

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