Blue For You

Today marks the first day of Colon Cancer Awareness Month, it is also “Wear Blue Day” in awareness for colon cancer. I lost my brother at the age of 33 to colon cancer in 2015. Not a day, goes by that I don’t think about him. Everything reminds me of him. I still want to call him or text him funny things I find.

I hate that cancer is a thing. Seriously, there are so many cancers and we know the cures are out there. Why do so many people have to suffer through the treatments? Colon cancer, specifically, is the third most common cancer in the United States. The American Cancer Society recently stated an estimated 101,420 NEW cases of colon cancer for 2019. And about half of those will result in death. And of those cases, more and more are occurring under the age of 40. Yet the screening for this is still not suggested until 50. With the rise of young people, teens even, getting this cancer, the medical industry really needs to take a look and lower the screening age. I have been screened twice in the last 4 years myself because of risk factors.

As always, we have to be an advocate for ourselves and others and stay aware of our health at all times. Make healthier choices and do the work.

Keeping everyone who has been affected by this cancer, and many others, in my thoughts today. Hopefully one day we won’t have to deal with it anymore.

Father’s Day, 2014

Today I’m smiling

because you would be mad at me

for not doing so

Today I’m smiling

because my life with you

has been wonderful

Today I’m smiling

because the love you gave

out numbers most

Today I’m smiling

because so many times

I can hear your laugh

and see your smile

Today I’m smiling

because I know you are

watching over me

Today I’m smiling

because you and I, I know

were meant to be

Today I’m smiling

reminiscing on memories past

good and bad

Though the good seems to last

Today I’m smiling

because your love lives

inside of me

Because your smile is my smile

Today I’m smiling

Because you’re smiling

down on me


Always and Forever, JP Payne 1982-2015

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